(intransitive) To communicate with one's voice, to say words out loud. (intransitive, reciprocal) To have a conversation. (by extension) To communicate or converse by some means other than orally, such as writing or facial expressions. (intransitive) To deliver a message to a group; to deliver a speech. (transitive) To be able to communicate in a language. (transitive) To utter. (transitive) To communicate (some fact or feeling); to bespeak, to indicate. (informal, transitive, sometimes humorous) To understand (as though it were a language). (intransitive) To produce a sound; to sound. Of a bird, to be able to vocally reproduce words or phrases from a human language. (transitive, archaic) To address; to accost; to speak to. language, jargon, or terminology used uniquely in a particular environment or group. Speech, conversation. (dated) a low class bar, a speakeasy.